Guangdong Unipin Medical Technology Co.,Ltd.


We are a technology company with design, R&D ,manufacture and sales disinfection robot.There are core algorithms for mobile robots with completely independent intellectual property rights and intelligent disinfection robot application experience with a large number of sterilization scenarios. 

We utilizes U-SLAM positioning and navigation system, self-developed U-MCT robot motion control technology, U-0S service robot operating system software, mobile communication equipment and existing Wi-Fi connections , is a vital technology for the automated work of mobile robots, and realizes the controllable operation of human-computer interaction.



We offer autonomous disinfection robot for indoor sterilization to airports,hospitals,schools,libraries,malls,hotels,restaurants,stadiums,office buildings and government establishments. Since the outbreak of the Covid-19, our uv disinfection robots,fog spray disinfection robots and air sterilization robot obtain a huge demand in the market.

Up to now, UNIPIN Robots have been used in early 30 cities in China and exported to more than 15 overseas countries such as the United States, France,Britain,Germany,Singapore,Thailand,Brazil and the United Arab Emirates.



Our mission is to develop to a full blown manufacturer and service provider of the commercial robot,draw support of the UNIPINs strong R & D, innovation, manufacturing capabilities to serve the vast number of consumers. Let Robot be easier to use,more efficiently and be more sustainable.


Our vision is to integrate robots into people's lives, realize "human-machine coexistence", and provide a healthy, safe and efficient innovation model for the human environment.



Appreciate in our all customers do for us and Never stop going.

At UNIPIN, our mission never ceases, In order to achieve "human-machine coexistence" We have accumulated a lot of scene application experience and continue to practice our ideas in various scenarios

In addition,we constantly question and ask for feedback, listening to anyone from seasoned industry experts to friendly workers, absorbing every perspective, concern and solution.


Our strength

With more than 6,000 square meters of R&D and production space and a team of professional and experienced technicians and engineers, it has obtained more than 100 patented scientific and technological achievements with independent intellectual property rights. Create efficient, stable, reliable and practical robot solutions for different scenarios.

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